Artist Statement

425236_650146005000090_1870741942_nMy emotions are my subject. Forget structure, planning; unleash raw creativity, feelings. This style is bold, bright, full of color, free and fluid. Contrast this style with my career in technology: binary, organized, exact to millionths of a degree. Painting is my refuge and escape.

This year, I was one of five artists accepted into the prestigious Escapist Mentorship Program founded by acclaimed artist John Ross Palmer.  It’s been an amazing and life-changing experience for me as an artist and has pushed me in new and exciting directions.  For instance, I recently embarked on a journey across the desert southwest and used the sights, sounds and experiences from that journey to create a new body of work.

This represents a new and exciting direction for me as I explore using direct inspiration to influence my style without constraining it.


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