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Artist Lan Norwood, an abstract expressionist painter, was born in Houston, TX in 1971.  Growing up, he was surrounded by a family full of creative energy and artistic curiosity.  His mother had a natural creative eye that could make anything she touched magical.  His father experimented with landscape painting but ultimately it was the Earth that became his canvas as the art of landscape design became his passion.  As a child, Lan’s artistic abilities manifested through music rather than painting.  Actually, it was quite by happenstance that he discovered his passion for creating abstract works of art.

After buying their first home together in 2003, he and his partner Bryan really wanted original art for their home but didn’t have the budget to get the pieces that they really wanted.  Lan decided to try his hand at painting when a friend, and self-taught artist himself, suggested that Lan try painting himself.  From the moment he first laid brush to canvas he was hooked and that first painting quickly multiplied into many.  The creative freedom he felt to express himself acted as a much needed counterbalance to the rigidly structured environment of his job.  Lan was determined to learn more and push himself in new directions so he signed up for a course at Art League Houston to further his education and pursue this growing passion.

His style is bold, bright, full of color, free and fluid.  Each piece heavily reflects his emotions and feelings and he lets instinct guide his hand.  Contrast this style with his career in technology: binary, organized, exact to millionths of a degree. Painting is his refuge and escape.

2013 marks 10 years since he first put brush to canvas and his art has gone from being a simple creative outlet to a thriving business and he continue to push himself to new heights.  In 2013, Lan was one of five artists accepted into the prestigious Escapist Mentorship Program founded by acclaimed artist John Ross Palmer.  It’s been an amazing and life changing experience for Lan as an artist.  His participation in the program has helped him to do expand his business and do things he wouldn’t have otherwise conceived of.  It’s been quite a ride for Lan these last 10 years, but he is well on his way to achieving his ultimate dream of creating art full time.   He has an exciting end of the year planned and you can see more of his work at “An Afternoon and Evening of Escapism.”


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